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23 novembre 2004

P. Scott, représentant de la Barclays Bank
We have a long established and professional relationship with the EIB (and the European Investment Fund [EIF]) in excess of 11 years. The EIB’s objective of assisting SME growth in the UK by making long term finance available for sound investment, is aligned with that of Barclays Bank in the corporate market place. Our relationship has provided significant value to SMEs, and supports the goals of the Lisbon [1] Strategy.

We consider ourselves to be a key UK partner of the EIB and market leader in the UK in respect of our European offering. The EIB’s total Global Loan value agreed to Barclays is approx. £1.88bn of which £1.4bn is unsecured. The current borrowing exposure outstanding on these global loans is approx. £1.7bn. Since inception, we have paid approx. £6m in cash back payments to in excess of 4500 customers with total customer borrowing equalling £2.2bn via the EIB Loan Support Scheme.

Using EIB data we know that we have a 51% market share of available EIB UK Global deals, and promotion of the scheme provides us with a competitive advantage, which our competitors have so far failed to exploit.

As such, we have a unique offering which differentiates Barclays from other UK banks, as we are the only UK bank to currently pass on the benefit in the form of customer cash back payments. Although our competitors have access to EIB Global Loans they do not have the infrastructure to offer a similar scheme.

We have used focussed campaigns and a defined marketing strategy within our Medium Business market place ensuring that managers are aware of the benefits for SMEs - both existing and potential customers.

Agreement has recently been provided for SME Global Loan XII - £200M that is due to be signed in November (later this week) and negotiations are being finalised for a £100M loan for the Education sector. A Global Loan for the health sector was agreed earlier in the year.

Barclays Asset Finance administers the scheme for the Bank, and we consider that it is efficient, and provision of project and benefit details of the final borrower/customer is not onerous.

We are aware that during 2001 the EIB’s board of Directors reviewed their Global Loan exposure in the UK, and as a result revised their UK strategy, proactively targeting other UK banks and we support this approach.

Peter W Scott
National Director
Barclays Regeneration

Sur le Web : ECON Hearing with the European Investment Bank


[1The Lisbon strategy, launched in 2000, was a comprehensive but interdependent series of reforms aimed at transforming the EU, by 2010, into “the most dynamic and competitive knowledge-based economy in the world capable of sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion, and respect for the environment”.

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