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7 octobre 2008

Barcelone (Espagne)
"De Barcelone à Copenhague : peut-on atteindre un accord équitable sur le climat pour l’après-2012 ? La parole aux pays d’Afrique, Amérique Latine et Asie"

The impacts of climate change are already seriously impacting on the environment and therefore societies that depend on natural resources, in particular the poorest and most vulnerable communities. In the face of such challenges, a collective conscience is growing for the need to integrate adaptation in development projects, in the management of ecosystems and in planning for increased access to energy services.
In parallel, the political agenda of international negotiations on a post-2012 multilateral agreement is accelerating.
The next two years will be crucial for deciding the future of the Kyoto Protocol and the United Nations Convention on Climate Change. Developing countries have an important role to play in the dialogue towards an equitable post-2012 agreement.

Bamako (Mali) - May 2008

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) organized a capacity building workshop to address climate change in West and Central Africa, in partnership with Climate Action Network France (CAN), ENDA (Environmental Development Action in the Third World), the Nicolas Hulot Foundation (FNH), with the support of the Italian Cooperation (DGCS). 40 stakeholders from 15 African countries, representing governments, NGOs, and research institutes exchanged their views on climate change policy and practice.

The Barcelona workshop aims to present the recommendations developed by IUCN members and partners in Africa, to discuss them with representatives from Asia and Latin America and with the audience. Regional positions will then be presented at the UNFCCC COP 14 in Poznan in December 2008. A series of regional workshops in Latin America, Asia and Africa in 2009 will further develop these regional positions, which will also be presented at the UNFCCC COP 15 in Copenhagen in December 2009.


11:30-11:40 : Introduction

 Julia Marton-Lefèvre (IUCN DG),
 Nicolas Hulot,
 Prince Albert II of Monaco

11:40- 12:20 : Debate around the recommendations from the Bamako workshop (moderated by Pierre Radanne)

 Morgane Créach (Climate Action Network France) : What would be an equitable scenario for reducing global greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation targets) ?

 Sylvain Angerand (Friends of the Earth France) : Can REDD- Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation be an effective mitigation mechanism, including environmental and social safeguards ?

 Libasse Ba (ENDA Sénégal) : How can adaptation be better mainstreamed into development and conservation projects ? What are the funding mechanisms for adaptation ?

12:20- 12:50 : Debate : What do the representatives from Latin America and Asia think about the African recommendations ? (moderated by Pierre Radanne)

 Raquibul Amin (IUCN Bangladesh) : Adaptation, lessons learnt from the field

 Consuelo Espinosa (IUCN South America) : Results of the REDD e-consultation

Questions and answers

12:50-13:00 : Closing remarks : How would the EU respond to the recommendations from developing countries ?

 Jos Delbeke (Acting Director General of DG Environment, European Commission, to be confirmed)

Contacts : Ninni Ikkala ( ; +41 79 85 89 938)
Or Elise Buckle ( ; +41 79 278 48 90)

Lieu : salle 117

Le panorama complet du Congrès Mondial de la Nature organisé par l’IUCN

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  • "De Barcelone à Copenhague : peut-on atteindre un accord équitable sur le climat pour l’après-2012 ? La parole aux pays d’Afrique, Amérique Latine et Asie" : le mardi 7 octobre 2008 de 11:30 à 13:00
    lieu : Barcelone (Espagne)

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