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28/01: La crise d’Europe-Écologie Ile de France
16/01: Haïti. Régionales. Islande. Gnose et Mallarmé.
1er/01: Tous mes voeux ! (enfin, une partie)

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Tous mes voeux ! (enfin, une partie)

vendredi 1er janvier 2010

Chères amies, chers amis
Je vous présente mes meilleurs vœux, pour vous et pour le monde en cette année 2010, qui s’annonce décisive à tant d’égards. Qu’elles vous apporte succès, amour, santé et sérénité…
Ma pensée va d’abord aux tragédies du Moyen Orient. Que le martyre collectif imposé aux habitants de (...)

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Regarding your controversial statements on Icelandic TV

mercredi 13 janvier 2010

Monsieur Lipietz, you took the unusual step of appearing on Icelandic TV and voicing your opinions about the Icesave compensation issue. As a member of the EU parliament, who participated in the reviews of EU and EEA rules, you surprisingly declared that you don’t see any obligation for Iceland to guarantee those saving accounts. This is a legal position that is essentially only supported by EEA member Iceland, based on the questionable argument that the rules aren’t clear on this issue, and this view is quite vehemently opposed by other EU members, especially UK and NL.

Regardless which side is right, if you really think there is no such obligation, contrary to the intent of the rules, and to the interests of EU citizen, Sir, wouldn’t it then have been your undeniable responsibility as a member of the EU parliament to inform the public about this dangerous loophole ? Especially after participating in the review of those rules in 2005 ? If you would have gone to the public, and raised the point that the safeguards for foreign customers of Icsave don’t work at all, many of those people could have withdrawn their moneys in time, and the whole debacle could have been avoided ! Why didn’t you alert the citizen about the risk in these financial products ?

Sorry, Sir, but as I see it, judging by your own you failed your duty as a representative of the people. And instead of applogizing for that dire mistake, you now add insult to injury by offering support to those Icelanders who want to avoid paying for the Icesave debacle. This is shocking, and I think you should be held accountable for this ! You breached the confidence that European citizen put into you. Please consider offering your resignation.

(Excusez moi for not writing in French. I love that language, but I’m not competent enough in it for writing about such complicated issues)

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